Sunday, January 11, 2009

No project luck for me

Tomorrow I have to leave Bishop. I'll climb in the morning and then take off for a marathon drive back to Colorado - hopefully arriving before 3pm on Tuesday. I'm resting today in hopes that I feel reasonably fresh for my final day. Yesterday I felt pretty stiff. I checked out the project and tried the moves. It all seems to go, but there is a stopper move in the middle that is really hard. I maybe figured out some beta but didn't do the move. I'll probably give it another go tomorrow though I'm not optimistic about sending. Hopefully I'll get some photos of it that I can post here.

Yesterday we had a cool night session at the cave boulder. I tried the Buttermilker a few times but didn't feel too snappy. I'll give that a go tomorrow as well - I think I should be able to pull it off from the underclings. Dave Nunley brought out his generator and two flood lights and we had the whole cave lit up. Pretty cool. Below are some photos of the cave at night. The full moon was pretty rad too.

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