Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hueco 2.0 (3 part video series)

So I just uploaded the first video of a 3 part series that's being run on Sportiva LIVE. Check out these two amazing new problems on West Mountain.

Here's the blurb I wrote about it:

It's been almost 8 years since my guidebook for Hueco Tanks was released and a lot has happened since then. Back when the book came out, we were still riding the Fred Nicole years, and there was only a small amount of development going on in the park. Since then, guiding has increased, more people have found ways to make the system work for them, and lots of new problems have gone up. Even more surprising, many of these new classics have the same level of quality of the tried and true oldies. So it's time for a new edition of the guide.

I've been in and out of Hueco this season documenting lots of newly established lines and making preparations for the new edition which will hopefully be available sometime this Fall. One of the nice benefits of this work is that I've been getting to repeat a lot of these new classics and even put up a few of my own as I roam the park seeing new areas. I thought as a little teaser to the book, I'd release three videos through La Sportiva that show some of these great new lines. I'm planning to show problems that range in difficulty too because there are new classics at all grades.

This video is the first of the trio and has footage of two problems I established over New Years. Two great lines that I still find it hard to believe hadn't been done. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next two videos which will be out soon.

Oh yeah, and if you have any new problems you've done and want to alert me about, send an email with problem name, description, grade, how to find, etc. to huecoguide@gmail.com.