Monday, December 17, 2012

Amazing Weather Tool

So I'm planning a trip to the New River Gorge for this spring and I just came across this amazing site that I felt I had to share. This is invaluable for anyone planning a climbing trip and wanting to know the exact weather to expect. Go check out this site:

Choose your location and then select the average button below (or you can get current forecasts too).

I may be a data geek and that could be why I like this site so much, but it has so much good info!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Adjustable Toddler Bouldering Wall -- A Tutorial

So I build a little climbing wall for my 14 month old son. I've had a few requests for information on how I built it so I thought I'd make a post with some beta. Fortunately I took photos along the way so you can see the step by step process.

First off, a couple disclaimers: Of course all forms of climbing are dangerous and climbing on this wall can also be dangerous. Always spot your child (doh, ignore photo below) and always make sure the wall is completely stable. Also, note that once built, this wall is a bit heavy (especially with holds) but can usually be moved by 2 people. I didn't try to cut weight in the design, but I'm sure a much fancier, lighter version utilizing cutting edge space materials would be lighter.

OK, I put this draft together a few months ago and still haven't gotten around to finishing with all the instructions. Since I'm super busy trying to finish my PhD in a month, I've decided to just upload this post with the pics and let you figure out the materials and the steps. Hopefully the pictures give most of the info needed. Maybe in the future, I will try to expand this post with more details.

Thanks to Rock Candy Holds for helping me outfit the wall with great indoor climbing holds!