Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Off to Switzerland Soon

It's been a crazy two months at home but I'm finally getting a bit of time off and will be heading out to Switzerland for some bouldering. I've been so busy here with research, classes, and remodeling my bathroom that I've had little time to climb outside. I managed to do some good indoor training in preparation for the bouldering nationals last month and it paid off because I ended up finishing in 15th place. I'm feeling pretty strong now even though I haven't done too much climbing since then. I beat myself down so hard during the competition that a long rest was good. Still, I'm itching to get outside and climb some fresh new problems.

I'm meeting up with Ethan Pringle and Paul Robinson over there and we're hoping to do a mix of repeating classics and doing a few new problems. Paul has been over there for a while now and has pretty much crushed everything so I'm sure he'll mostly be doing new stuff. Ethan is climbing 5.15 routes in Spain right now so I'm sure he'll be hiking the long power endurance problems. I'm just psyched to get my hands on some high quality granite. As of now, the weather is looking a bit sketchy, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will clear up.

As the trip progresses, I'll try to post some updates. I'll also be posting stuff on the Sportiva LIVE site and the Mountain Hardwear sessions blog. I'm bringing my video camera with me so hopefully I'll get some good footage to upload too. So psyched to get out... only a few days left, I fly on Thursday.


  1. matt,

    what was the name of that other problem you did near ace of spades years ago above the dark heart. Its on the steep face of a boulder with kind of sharp in cut holds, just a few moves but you start kind of at head height.

    -sammy d

  2. Nice little video Matt. We'd be interested in having you contribute some content to http://www.iclimb.com as well. Drop us a line.