Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Check out a post I put together for the Mountain Hardwear blog on my trip to Vegas. I also edited a video that you can find there.


  1. Hello, Matt.

    I’m a communication post graduation student from Brazil and I practice rock climbing as a hobby.

    I’m working on my final project. It’s about professional climbers and their blogs. I want to talk about how this sport is somehow different from a lot of other sports on the media aspect. Apart from the competitions, instead of following the climbers wherever they go, the media receive the information from them (pictures, videos, text, etc) and then they publish. They also receive information from the ascents registrations on 8a.nu or other sites like that.

    That being said, I would like to ask you some questions about you and your blog, the media, the sponsors, etc.

    If you can and want to help me, I can send you the questions by email later. What do you think?

    Thanks for reading my message and sorry for my poor English.

    Thiago Freire

  2. my email: thiagoltfreire@gmail.com