Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where's Matt

So here's a new blog post... It's been a while, but I figured I'd post a few things and give an update on what I'm doing. Part of the reason the blogging has been scarce is that I've been busy with school -- the other part is just laziness. Not too much exciting happened this Fall for me in the climbing world, but things have been picking up as the prime winter season kicks into gear. I had a great trip to the New River Gorge over Thanksgiving to climb gear routes. Chuck Fryberger came along and captured some awesome footage for the new film he's working on. He put together a great blog post summing up the trip. Check it out here:

Right now I'm in Vegas bouldering around Red Rocks. I've managed a few good ascents and am hoping for a couple more before I leave in a few days. Going to scope some stuff today -- hopefully it looks good. For the first week of my trip I was climbing here with my wife Sandy -- Oh yeah, getting married was another thing that made for a busy Fall and led to no blog posts -- and with my brother and his girlfriend. We got a bit of good climbing in, but the weather was quite cold and windy. The weather has become splitter though and I've been climbing with Ethan Pringle and Steve DeLuca for the past few days. John Dickey is rolling the camera capturing some footage that I'm sure will be up sometime soon for your viewing pleasure. I have a bit of footage recorded that I'll be posting soon as well.

A final bit of news I'd like to share is my recent appearance in Boulder's local newspaper. They compiled a list of top 6 Colorado climbing achievements in the past decade and my ascent of Cheating Reality made the list. Check out the article here:

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