Friday, September 2, 2011

New England Slideshow Tour

I'm putting together a slideshow tour through New England for the end of September and beginning of October. I already have a few venues lined up but I have some open slots in the schedule too. I'm focusing on doing shows at colleges but am open to any location. If you're interested in hosting a show or know someone who might be, shoot me an email at the address on the poster below. For places with climbing facilities, I'm also offering to do a bouldering clinic. I'm psyched to head back to New England for a bit and cruise through my original stomping grounds. Hopefully I can motivate a few climbers along the way.

Bouldering Above Gear: A Synthesis of Distant Disciplines
by Matt Wilder

Through this multimedia show I'll try to figure out why I tend to find myself far above gear with hard moves between me and safety --- a question I ask myself often. I'll begin by tracking my history as a climber following my split identity as a boulderer and a trad climber with some classic photos from my early days. The bulk of the show will highlight classic climbs and boulder problems I've established, repeated, or failed on in the past. The show will culminate with a personal narrative of my experience establishing two new 5.14R trad routes in the Front Range, Viceroy and Cheating Reality, accompanied by video footage and photo sequences. I'll also explore my quest for the ultimate trad route that combines runout 5.13 climbing with a fairly well protected V13 or harder boulder problem.


  1. Would be awesome if you came up to Portland (Maine, that is). Maine Rock Gym is relatively small, but would be psyched to host, I'm sure!

  2. Julian, I'm hoping to arrange a show there. I'll be posting a schedule on the blog here so you'll know if it's going to happen there.