Tuesday, July 26, 2011

May I introduce you to Bayes Wilder

This photo pretty much sums up what I've been up to since my trip to Switz and France.

Bayes was born mid-May and has now been fully integrated into my climbing lifestyle. My wife Sandy and I have been on a road trip with the little one now for three weeks and we've been getting some great climbing in. We started in the Tahoe area and now we're climbing in the Needles in California. The climbing highlight of the trip so far has definitely been my redpoint of the classic trad route Pyromania 13b in the Needles. What a rad crack. I have some video footage that I'll be editing together soon, but for now here's some stills that show me on the climb.


  1. Good Seeing Sandy, Bayes, Noah, and you, ooh and Chile! MSNBC at Lovers Leap! I remember our first few times headed to the cliff with our babies. Good to see you keeping on the lifestyle being a parent.

    Hope we tie in together soon.


  2. Matt and family-
    Thanks for coming in for dinner last night. I thought that was you, but didn't want to ask. Hope everything was great!
    andy from q's

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  4. 'Twas a treat watching you send while the wife belayed AND nursed the babe.

  5. Wow, Pyromania looks amazing! Great pictures!