Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hueco Video on Momentum VM

After my February trip to Hueco I edited together a video piece on my trip. It's taken a while, but it's finally up on Momentum Video Magazine. Check it out. It is my first major editing project and I was pretty psyched with how it turned out. In it I climb Diabolic and Terre de Sienne. I also show footage of Andre DiFelice climbing Algerita. Last night's showing of Rocky Mountain Highball was awesome - you should all pick up the DVD when it comes out.


  1. Nice video. Music Credits? I like the second song

  2. The second song is by the artist Leomoon off their album which I think is also called Leomoon. This track is a throw back to the classic Josh Lowell video "Free Hueco" which uses the same song for a sequence of people trying Power of Silence. The song is titled "The Orchid."

    The first song is called "The Chopper" by Ray Keith.